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Qiyi Sc-S Smartcube Bluetooth Magnetic 3x3 Speed Version

Qiyi Sc-S Smartcube Bluetooth Magnetic 3x3 Speed Version

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Bluetooth 3x3 Smart Cube by Qiyi

Qiyi have entered the smart cube game in their own style, by making a really good product at a really great price!

The Qiyi SC-s is a remarkable little smart cube, which performs like a decent, non-smart cube, and provides great, reliable performance alongside the Qiyi's Smart Player app

Simply download the app, enter an email address to get a code (don't forget to click send code!) and you're in! Now click connect cube, turn a side on the smart cube, hit connect and you're done!

Currently the app offers a practice mode and a battle mode, which are a lot of fun, and we're expecting some new features to follow in the app as it develops further.

Bluetooth smart cubes encourage practise, but offering a way to time solves using real scrambles without ever taking your hands off the cube. Just perform a U U' after each solve to generate the next scramble!

This cube is battery powered and Qiyi claims they last up to 800 hours!

I've tried other smart cubes from different brands in the past and had some issues, but I'm so happy to recommend this one. I love mine, it performs great and I'm over 500 solves in without any issues. This is a real winner from Qiyi.

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