Sengso 5 pin Magnetic Clock (Shengshou)

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5 Pin Magnetic Clock from Sengso aka Shengshou


Is your standard, 18 face clock a little tame for you?

How about FIVE PINS AND 22 FACES?!

This is the new, 5 pin clock puzzle from Sengso! Featuring magnetic pins and an extra layer of difficulty, this is a great gift for any clock-boss or any puzzle collector for that matter!

The object of the clock puzzle is to get all hands on BOTH sides of the puzzle pointing to 12 o'clock, and different combinations of pins and dials will turn different faces. Normally a clock puzzle would have 9 faces per side and 4x pins, but this one is designed to break your brain with an extra "layer" of difficulty!

Too hectic? don't worry, there's also a super-cute and much easier 3 pin version of this puzzle which you can find here :)