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Speedstacks G5 Speed Cube Timer and Bag

Speedstacks G5 Speed Cube Timer and Bag

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Speedcube and speedstacking G5 timer by Speedstacks

The new Speed Stacks G5 Timer is the new speedcube timer endorsed by the world cube association for official competitions!

The 4 pad system is meant SPECIFICALLY for speed stacking, and 2 pad mode can be engaged for speedcubing.

Level up your competition practice NOW so you're ready for when these become commonplace at official WCA sanctioned competitions.


*  Switchable 4-Pad or 2-Pad mode

*  Accuracy to 0.001 seconds

*  Data port to connect to external display

*  Batteries included! 2x AAA batteries included so you can start solving straight out of the box :)

* Comes complete with a Speedstacks timer and gear bag


New Features explained:

*  Two operation modes: 4-Pad (for stacking) and 2-Pad (for speed cubing). Just hold the RESET button for 5 seconds to switch modes.

*  RESET and POWER buttons have a new reinforced design that won’t wear through with extended use. 

*  Hold-feature on RESET and POWER buttons prevents lost times when a timer is slammed.

*  Tournament Display cord plugs in underneath the timer so it’s out of the way and doesn’t accidentally get unplugged.

*   The new snap-in G5 button system provides a more secure connection between the G5 timer and G5 Stackmat Pro and eliminates timers getting knocked off the mat inadvertently. (This timer will not connect to a mat with the G4 speedstacks button configuration)

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