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Weight 5 Silicone Speedcube Lubricant

Weight 5 Silicone Speedcube Lubricant

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Speedcube Lubricant by

Dial in your rubik's cube performance with these pure silicone lubricants from  our friends at!

These high grade, pure silicone oils are the industry standard for speedcube lubrication.

These lubes are supplied in 10ml size which is more than enough to get your whole collection dialled in!

Use the wight guides to fine tune the performance of your favourite speedcubes. Weight one is the thinnest and therefore fastest lube, whereas weight 5 is the thickest, providing the most "cushion" or "gummy" feel to your out-of-control-fast cube.

Weight one, thinnest, fastest. Weight 5 thickest, slowest.

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