X-Man Design Tornado V3 3x3 Speedcube FLAGSHIP

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World Record 3x3 magnetic Speedcube By Qiyi and X-Man Design

This new, third version of the Tornado V3 PIONEER edition is an exciting upgrade to the extremely popular Tornado V2 - released just in time for Christmas!!

This is the flagship version, featuring corner to edge magnets, corner to core magnets, and a spring based tension system. Before general release, the maglev version of this cube started making moves in the speedcube community, setting records all over the place, and then;

    It was then used in September 2022 by Max Park to tie the 4.86 second world record average!

    2022 QiYi X-Man Design Tornado V3 FLAGSHIP Edition

    This premium, competition ready speedcube with a huge amount of customisation options at a very competitive price, provides you with amazing design and quality manufacturing.  

    The flagship version has an upgraded core over the standard edition, featuring corner to core magnets for extra stability and control, and a traditional although fully adjustable spring tensions.

    The surface is semi-gloss, making a nice change from the frosted finish that cube companies love but cubers hate! 🤣

    Primary internals make this a soft smooth turning cube. It contrasts with red magnet pieces, combining to match the red X-Man logo, creating a very stylish looking speedcube.

    Another new feature in the V3 is that the revolutionary tensioning system previously introduced in the V2 can now be adjusted by hand.

    • Magnet Strength: 5 settings
    • Axis Distance: 5 settings
    • Tension Setting: 5 settings

    Size: 55mm

    Weight: 72g

    Included in the box

    • XMD Tornado V3 FLAGSHIP
    • Storage box
    • Leather cube bag
    • Adjustment and solving instructions

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