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Christchurch Speedcubing Club

New Zealand’s only regular speedcubing meet-up! The group's aim is to strengthen and grow the South Island speedcube community. We meet every third Saturday of the month at the White Elephant Trust, room 8 at the Phillipstown community hub, 39 nursery road, Phillipstown, Christchurch from 1 to 3pm. Entry is free, and beginners are always welcome. Its a great chance to be social with like minded individuals, participate in an unofficial mini-comps and Play some relay games!

Christchurch Speedcubers was founded by Oliver Jenks, NZ Rubik’s cube record holder and Managing Director of, and Mike Field, CEO of the White Elephant Trust and wishes he was the NZ Rubik’s cube record holder. will be present with a few of the latest and greatest cubes for sale as always.

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