Gan Magnetic Megaminx Speedcube

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Magnetic megaminx speedcube from Gan.

THE ULTIMATE MEGA-FLEX! Made by the masters, specifically for breaking records. Try to go slower on this thing, I dare ya! Used by Feliks as well as our own NZ megaminx record holder.

The GAN Megaminx is a highly anticipated release from GAN - delivering a highly customisable factory magnetised Megaminx from the world's most innovative 3x3 speed cube designer.  

The new GAN Megaminx weighs only 113g and its smaller size with a concave arc design ensures the megaminx fits snugly into your hand and rests easy on your fingers. The frosted, stickerless Megaminx with a vivid GAN colour scheme certainly delivers a beautiful and functional Megaminx.

Technically this Megaminx borrows important design elements from the much loved GAN 356 Series; it includes a 12 stalk IPG Core + GAN V3 Elasticity System (GES) with four different types of GES nuts to easily change the tension and feel of the Megaminx.  

Package includes:

  • GAN Ball & GAN Bag for storage
  • GES V3 Nuts
  • GAN VIP Card
  • GAN Megaminx Tutorials.

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