Qiyi Klotski Three Kingdoms Magnetic Sliding Puzzle

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Three Kingdoms Magnetic Sliding Klotski Puzzle from Qiyi


The Klotski is most well known in the West for having equal sized, numbered tiles which can be moved around to make the correct order.

The Three Kingdoms Klotski by Qiyi takes the concept a little further - and is actually the original version of the puzzle! Pretty cool hey? 

In this version, the Chairman piece (The big, square one, named Caocao) must escape from the bottom centre of the board. You need to use your huge brains and slide the pieces around to aid his escape!

The other pieces are named as follows:

Caocao aka chairman, 2x2

Guanyu, 1x2

Zhanfei, Machao, Huangzhong, Zhaoyun, 2x1

4x soldiers, 1x1

This is a reassuringly solid, heavy puzzle that is sure to appeal to any cuber worth their problem-solving-salt! A great challenge for all ages, which comes in a very solid plastic carry case.

The puzzle comes with a beautiful instruction manual (100% Chinese, but includes very helpful diagrams!) which explains a number of different starting setups and step by step solutions :)